Energy Enabled

Wattcoin™ is the first platform to combine electricity and its value as one

Energy Access for the Unbanked

Digital credits allowing for micro energy transactions

Energy Efficiency for the Consumer

Digital rewards creating real time response programs.

Energy Carbon Reduction for the Planet

Digital certificates enabling carbon value exchange

About Us

Wattcoin Labs is solving the global energy problems of access, efficient use, and carbon reduction by building a platform as a service where energy and its value can come together. We are a team of leading global experts and innovators in the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, microgrids, and utility systems. Our research, development , and commercialization activities are applied in the following three areas…

PayGo & Microgrid Service Providers

Use Wattcoin to get paid for delivering solar electricity anywhere that kerosene and diesel is used

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Utility & Smart Grid Systems

Use Wattcoin with smart grids to create real-time demand response rewards for energy efficiency

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Market & Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Use Wattcoin on blockchain enabled exchanges between prosumers and consumers of clean energy

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